Vesper Vineyard

We at Vesper seek to produce the highest quality wines that create a memorable sense of San Diego. To do so we start with the highest quality of grapes and bottle each lot of wine from only a single vineyard source. Our goal in the winemaking process is to take the grapes and let them maximize their unique varietal, vintage and vineyard characteristics. We strive to respect and capture the individual vineyard characteristics of the fruit in each bottle.

An award-winning boutique winery nestled in the pristine San Pasqual Valley agricultural preserve, where Executive Winemaker Justin Mund and his team produce premium Rhône-style wines from grapes grown on the hillside estate.

Visit the Winery On Cedros for a unique opportunity to experience a fully operational winery in an urban setting, blocks from the beach. We personally select and ship our grapes down from premier vineyards in Northern California’s wine country. The grapes are crushed, pressed, fermented, barreled, aged and bottled within our urban facility.

Freemark Abbey

A century-old winery. A wine library that’s the envy of the Valley. A history like no other, including a spot – center-stage at the legendary 1976 Judgment of Paris. It’s one thing to be a Napa winery. It’s quite another to be a Napa legend.

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Powell Mountain Cellars

Powell Mountain Cellars, a unique brand producing extraordinary wines exemplifying varietal character, and sense of place. Enter Paso Robles, an area synonymous with wine lifestyle. Imagine old California, a time where the pace of life was slower. Here you will find pastoral beauty, a mountainous landscape of rolling ranch and farm land among old oaks. Golden hills where vineyards thrive and people smile as they share the rewards of their tenure with unique people like you. Wine lovers that appreciate handcrafted wines produced by meticulous winemakers and farmers who work together taking pride in honing their craft

Winemaker Bill Powell and wife Kim Powell established Powell Mountain Cellars in the fall of 2010. Bill set a goal to produce exceptional world class wines from the Paso Robles appellation. A place we call home. Having relocated to Paso Robles, we have now planted several acres of estate grapes on our ranch located in San Miguel, CA. We were excited to release are first commercial vintage in 2010 as it was a remarkable year and the wines taste wonderful!

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Viaggio Estate & Winery is located in the heart Lodi Wine Country, nestled among lush vineyards and walnut orchards who share one stunning backdrop, the pristine Mokelumne River. A family-owned destination for wine lovers, Viaggio combines unparalleled natural beauty and meticulously handcrafted wines with comfortable elegance and gracious hospitality. Viaggio is Italian for Journey, and upon entering our lovely Tuscan-themed estate, visitors are welcomed by our gated archway, which above is inscribed, Where Your Journey to Forever Begins.

Quigley Fine Wines
We are importers of artisanal wines from sustainable, small production vineyards in Italy, France and Spain. The families and winemakers behind every bottle of wine we offer are as charming and as interesting as the wine itself. It is our goal to bridge the gap between the winemaker and the wine drinker  to keep the stories behind the wine alive until the cork is popped and the wine can speak for itself..
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Gold Coast Mead

Golden Coast Mead was conceived when Frank tasted a glass of ten year old mead his grandfather had made. It tasted like sunshine and flowers in liquid form. Frank read everything about mead he could get his hands on, from Beowulf and Lord of the Rings to the Rig Veda and the Torah, and then he started making mead for family and friends. As he traveled the world as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy, he discovered honeys that varied with the climate and region of the place he was visiting. He discovered that his meads could reflect the unique characteristics of each place through the honey at their base. The possibilities, opportunities and joy involved were too large to limit as a hobby. With the help of two lifelong friends, Joe Colangelo and Praveen Ramineni, who co-founded the company, they began to share the magic of quality mead with the people of California.Since October of 2010, Golden Coast Mead has been creating, reintroducing and sharing the magic of quality mead. Made in small batches by hand, Golden Coast Mead is dedicated to making tasty and interesting meads that are fun to share and savor.


Petrichor Vineyards

THE TWO AND ONE HALF ACRE Petrichor Vineyard is perched high above Russian River Valley atop the westernmost ridge of the Mayacamas Mountains that divide Napa and Sonoma counties. This unique quadrant of Sonoma County boasts a unique well-drained volcanic soil with exposure to the North, West and South and a semi maritime influence distinctively its own. PastedGraphic-1



Europa Village

Old World Wines in Southern California Style… Our approach to winemaking exemplifies the values that we have in store for our future resort and estate. At the core is an Old World apprenticeship and that aspires to express all that we do with a slower pace of life in mind. Europa Village’s old world style varietals include, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Barbera, Muscat Canelli, Libido (a Spanish Blend), En Vie (a Rhone Blend), Syrah, Gernache, Vermintino and Arneis.



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Kendall Jackson


Being a family-owned winery absolutely affects our winemaking. It affords us the luxury to take the long view. We can take risks and grow our grapes in mountain and hillside vineyards- even though it is more difficult for both the farmer and the vine. But grapes grown on mountains have more character and more flavor—and that’s why we grow them there.

As a family-run business, we can put the long-term interests of future generations above short-term financial gains. Our success will be measured by generations of family, rather than by numbers on quarterly reports. We can’t just be thinking about today, or tomorrow, or this quarter, or this year. We have to take the long view—100, 200 years—and think of future generations and the environment in which they’ll live.

There are some special places where you just want to be, to live. And among those places are the coastal maritime, cool hills and mountains of the California coast. I’m at peace and spiritually satisfied when I’m in the mountains and hills and benches of California—the very places where the best grapes thrive. The land gives us what we need. It gives us our shelter, our food, our clean air—all of the things we need, except for one: family.




Coomber Family Wines

From the outset we tried to make wines in the style that we like the most. If you like the flavor profiles below, you should really enjoy our wines: Chardonnay, We prefer the “California” style of Chardonnay, which is creamy and slightly buttery with a bit of oak. The oak adds a small amount of vanilla flavor and a smoothness/roundedness to the wine. Pinot Noir, We prefer Pinot that has more body and a darker color than the typical “wispy” Pinot that is most common. We like to say that we make Pinot that even a Cabernet drinker likes. Cabernet Sauvignon, Big, Bad, Bold, Dark and Oaky, with flavors of black cherry, raspberry, chocolate, a hint of vanilla, and some mint. Although it definitely has layers, it is not subtle. We donate at least 5% of all revenues generated (not just of profits) to animal welfare organizations. Currently, these organizations include the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, CA; the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, CA; the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA in San Diego, CA; PAWS; and Saving America’s Horses.


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Vinity Wine Company

Vinity Wine Company imports wines of character from artisan producers who represent the best of their regional and local cultures. Our producers’ wines reflect the authenticity and excellence that comes from generations of experience in the vineyard and in the cellar, together with an unwavering focus on quality. Respect for nature and distinctive regionality, and an effortless companionship with food and friends – these are the hallmarks of the wines we import.



Bodegas M

Bodegas M wines come from the sweeping hillsides of California’s Central Coast. As in the great wine fields of Northern Spain, such as Rioja, Toro, and Ribera del Duero, the Tempranillo grape flourishes also in Paso Robles. The vineyards of Northern Spain and El Paso de Los Robles are nestled among golden, oak tree studded hills, with Olivares- Olive Groves- common to both. The spirit and style of the wines reflect the sun drenched terroir of each, the spirit and traditions of their people are alike instilled by the culture of the wine land. Likewise, the mild maritime climate of the Edna Valley emulates Galicia’s Rias Baixas, the result being wines of uncommon distinction. As do the respective wine fields, these Tempranillo and Albarino wines stand apart from the mainstream.Bodegas M is dedicated to making hand- crafted, artisan Tempranillo and Albarino wines from the best vineyards in California’s Central Coast.



Schlossadler International Wines

Since 1979, Schlossadler Wines has been importing fine wines from family owned vineyards. We have a passion for wine and are excited to share our discoveries from around the world with you. We love what we do… and you’ll know why when you receive your case of wine. Our experienced wine consultants “already tasted all the bad wines for you,” and will gladly assist you to pick the perfect wine for your palate. We encourage you to join our popular Wine Club… known to be the best “International Wine Club in America.” Receive an exclusive selection of specially selected wines from around the world delivered right to your doorstep.

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Zonin Wine House

The Zonin Wine House, a company of family-owned vintners since 1821 proud of its heritage and reputation for creating authentic Italian wines, has steadily developed, substantially expanding the number and size of its directly owned vineyards in Italy and the United States through the acquisition of twelve major wine estates. The properties, with 1.800 hectares planted in specialized vineyards, are located in regions that are highly regarded for their production of world-class premium wines. The Zonin family heads the most important viticulture group in Italy and one of the leading private winemaking companies in Europe.

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King Frosch Wines 

A family-owned business based in Laguna Niguel, King Frosch German Wines imports great tasting, all natural wines with no artificial additives and the lowest sulfite and histamine levels. Our customers call them “the no-headache” wines! Come taste the all natural goodness of German wines that will remind you of your travels and transport you to a new taste level. Your personal wine consultant will help you find the right wine for your individual palate.




Aldo Cesar Palafox Vineyards and Winery

Located in Ensenada, Baja California, in the heart of Old Wine Route, Wine Aldo Cesar Palafox follows a originated centuries ago by Spanish missionaries, who followed the same path that leads to the vineyards of the family tradition. During more than three generations, our family has worked the land of St. Thomas making wine for their own consumption, as well as other families in the valley, which to this day preserve the tradition of growing grapes in the same way that Spanish missionaries.




Vinos Moebius

We are the creators of Baja California wines made from grapes that are products of unique quality and scrupulous personality.

Our wine reflects, in all its components, a bold young winemaking vision, plus a passion for caring for each of the processes that result in a wine. That’s why we called this effort Möebius, which represents the infinite, perpetual motion, change.

Where each year the best of the season varietal is selected to produce a wine of limited production and high quality. Möebius was born of the constant search for the details that make a great wine and help enjoy a unique experience.

It grew out of friendship and complicity amongst people of a new generation of Mexican growers with a common goal: to fill each bottle of the best terroir from Baja California, Mexico. With only five years in production, we produced our first label: Möebius. We are consolidating and expanding, looking for parallel horizons that take us through experience, dedication and hard work, the realization of a dream … our dream.

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 Cavas Valmar

The story of CavasValmar starts when in 1919 arrives to Ensenada Don Federico Valentin, born in the French Alps and dedicates his life to his ranch. Being a good French he made his own wine and chared with family and friends. Then, his sons Hector and Gontran Valentin, associated with Fernando Martain continued with the family tradition starting the business on an old parking lot from the Ranch in 1983. First, they only had a small mill, a manual cork machine, a four-bottling machine, a basket press machine and 6 barrels, producing 3oo cases annually. – Description from milana

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San Rafael Cellars and Vineyards

Welcome to San Rafael Cellars and Vineyards, a family run and operated business located 24 miles the coast of Ensenada Mexico, and at 2400ft above sea level in the Ojos Negros Valley, formerly know as San Rafael Valley. We invite you to get to know our products as well as to visit our vineyards.

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LMA Wines

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.



Alximia is a wine-making project born from the meeting of the senses and the world, with special attention to the earth, the plant, the fruit and its benefits. We are trying to understand, use and preserve nature.

Baja California is wine country, and wines are, in our view, the product of the transmutation of the four natural elements:

  • The earth that gives rise to the vineyards
  • The water that is vital in the Valle de Guadalupe
  • The fresh air that comes from the sea
  • The fire in the form of the heat from the sun

When you assemble these 4 elements, the space (or ether) becomes the fifth element that makes possible their existence.


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Vena Cava

Phil Gregory, producer of wines from its cellar Vena Cava, represents a new generation of winemakers in the Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California exploring new methods of wine making and creating a harmony between high quality wines to taste emerging market and sustainability land of the valley.

With little more than four years as winemaker, Phil launches its new production of Vena Cava 2007 offering New World wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon / Grenache and Reserve, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah grapes that are organic having planted acreage around his house which is also the La Villa del Valle.

The hotel and its vines are at the heart of the Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico surrounded by hills and dramatic landscapes. Sea breezes serve to protect the clusters and to cool the grapes at dusk. The Valley is unique microclimate and soil with mineral filler creates an ideal environment for growing grapes instead.



 Ferro Wines

You’ll get a true taste of the world when you taste our wines.

Our family has been making wines for more than six generations, and our passion continues as Dr. Enrique Ferro (founder of Ferro Family Wines) travels the world, consulting for various vineyards and wineries in Mexico, Italy, France, and throughout the US.



Tanama Wines

Our boutique Winery is  dedicated to the production of fine wines  founded in 2000.

We have our own vineyards in the Valle Tanama south of Tecate, Baja California.

Our wines express the climate, soil and water Tanama our valley.
Tanama.- Kumiai word that means …
“Where fertile land and water flows and oaks grow”

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Santo Tomas

Bodegas of Santo Thomas generates value and wealth to Mexican viticulture through innovation and talent of our employees, through the transformation and conservation of the land and its fruits to contribute to enrich the human experience





Durand Viticultura

Our wines are the synergy between the elements, the energy of the nature is in synchrony with the winemaker, giving us a fruit of this  marriage, the wine, these wine is magic, because  it is capable to express with great sensibility and honesty to their origins.
Our objective is to make “the best wine possible” of each terroir with its weather, without taking care of the cost, time or effort, we want to reach the maximum quality possible in every wine, every year.

These endless quests give to us the energy and life and we believe what in its  essence that is our way to happiness


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